White Sapphire

White Sapphire

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We are Gemstone Exporter Wholesaler, and Suppliers from Odisha (India). We deal in Semi-Precious and Precious Gems Stones. We Deal In: All Type of Precious, Semi-Precious Stones, Pooja Items,  Crystal Items. Buy All Type Gemstones Online @ Wholesale Price, Also Buy Loose Semi-Precious and Precious Stones. Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond. We Are Offering precious and semi-precious gemstones in all variety of shapes. Located in Odisha (India), We Are suppliers of Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, If you may have any query related our product and service ask us freely we will try to suggest you better. 

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Natural Ceylon White Sapphire Ratti-5.12 (4.64 CT) Safed Pukhraj Pokhraj Pukharaj Untreated & U..
Rs.37,000.00 Ex Tax: Rs.37,000.00
Natural Ceylon White Sapphire Ratti-5.65 (5.12 CT)Safed Pukhraj Pokhraj Pukharaj Untreated &..
Rs.30,700.00 Ex Tax: Rs.30,700.00
Natural Ceylon White Sapphire Ratti-3.31 (3.66 CT)Safed Pukhraj Pokhraj Pukharaj Untreated & ..
Rs.2,800.00 Ex Tax: Rs.2,800.00
Natural Ceylon White Sapphire Ratti-3.99 (3.61 CT)Safed Pukhraj Pokhraj Pukharaj Untreated & ..
Rs.7,570.00 Ex Tax: Rs.7,570.00
Natural Ceylon White Sapphire Ratti-4.54 (4.11 CT)Safed Pukhraj Pokhraj Pukharaj Untreated & ..
Rs.3,250.00 Ex Tax: Rs.3,250.00
Natural Ceylon White Sapphire Ratti-6.17 (5.59 CT)Safed Pukhraj Pokhraj Pukharaj Untreated & ..
Rs.4,150.00 Ex Tax: Rs.4,150.00
Natural Ceylon White Sapphire Ratti-6.23 (5.64 CT)Safed Pukhraj Pokhraj Pukharaj Untreated & ..
Rs.10,900.00 Ex Tax: Rs.10,900.00
Natural Ceylon Yellow Sapphire Ratti-5.34 (4.84 ct) Real Pukhraj Pokhraj Pukharaj Earth Mine Good Q..
Rs.9,100.00 Ex Tax: Rs.9,100.00